Mirrorless Cameras

Canon EOS R3

Fleeting moments in time, captured on camera in ways that you never thought were possible. Welcome to the future of action photography.


  • Stacked sensor

    Stacked, back-illuminated sensor

  • 30fps burst rate

    Continuous shooting up to 30fps, or 12 fps with mechanical shutter, with AE and AF tracking

  • Up to 195fps high-speed burst1

    Shoot with a customisable burst rate

  • Max ISO 102,400

    Sensitivity from ISO 100 to ISO 102,400 (expands to ISO 204,800)

  • 24 megapixel resolution

    The ideal balance of image quality, high ISO performance and file size

  • Up to 8-stop IS

    Rock steady In-body Image Stabiliser that works in tandem a lens’s own IS

  • Eye control AF

    Select focus points or subjects to track simply by looking at them

  • Subject tracking

    Automatically tracks people, animals and vehicles in both photo and video modes

  • Vari-Angle screen

    Fully articulated, 8.2cm, 4,200,000-dot touch screen

  • Electronic viewfinder

    Blackout-free 5,760,000-dot electronic viewfinder with 120fps refresh rate and 100 per cent coverage

  • WiFi & Bluetooth

    Wireless connectivity for remote control and image transfer

  • 6K RAW

    60 fps with the greatest flexibility to change settings like white balance in post-production

  • 4K 120p

    Record slow motion video in ultra-high detail

  • Full HD 240p

    Record ultra slow motion video in high detail

  1. AE and AF tracking not available in high-speed burst mode. Maximum number of captured frames can be set up to 50
Firmware release on 22 July 2022 added up to 195fps continuous shooting, 240p Full HD video, plus a number of other useful features. This can be downloaded from the support page.
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Introducing the next chapter in EOS

The EOS R3 will change the way you think about mirrorless cameras. A back-illuminated stacked sensor can freeze action at 1/64,000 and powers continuous shooting at 30fps which extends up to 195fps1. Eye-controlled AF intelligently recognises and tracks subjects as you shoot – superb for sports, news and wildlife photography.

The EOS R3 in a snapshot

Mastering movement

The EOS R3 captures fleeting moments at 30fps which extends up to 195fps1, revealing details that are missed with the naked eye.

The camera’s back-illuminated stacked sensor is so fast it lets photographers use an electronic shutter to freeze fast movement without worrying about ‘rolling shutter’ distortion. Enjoy a top shutter speed of 1/64,000sec plus 30fps shooting with simultaneous AF/AE tracking for up to 420 frames when shooting Raw files.

Want more? With custom high-speed continuous shooting, the EOS R3 can shoot customisable frame rate bursts up to 195fps, capturing exquisite detail in fast-moving subjects. Up to 50 frames can be captured in single burst with images stored as JPEG, HEIF or RAW.

To help balance daylight and flash in bright conditions, or freeze fast-moving subjects, flash sync is now possible when using the camera’s electronic shutter – both with Canon Speedlites and third-party studio flash units.


Advanced eye-control AF

Ever used a camera that feels like it’s reading your mind? With our next-generation Eye Control autofocus technology, the EOS R3 focuses wherever you are looking. This unparalleled control over AF allows the camera to react as quickly as you do – allowing you to respond fast to ever-changing scenes.


Our best subject tracking yet

Using deep-learning artificial intelligence and thousands of real-world images, we’ve taught the EOS R3 to recognise people, animals and vehicles accurately and confidently – wherever they move in the frame.

People can be tracked even if they are wearing a mask helmet or sunglasses. When photographing motorsports, the EOS R3 can recognise motorbikes and racing cars, even distinguishing between closed and open cockpits, pinpointing a driver’s helmet when this is visible.

A fusion of video and still-photo performance

The EOS R3 is a professional hybrid, able to capture cinematic, broadcast-quality video and sensational still photography. Bristling with features that empower filmmakers to new levels of creativity, the camera can capture oversampled 4K as well as 6K RAW footage internally to a CFexpress card. Canon Log 3 provides greater dynamic range and colour-grading possibilities.

Crucially, the same object recognition available to stills photographers is also available to videographers, so you can track moving objects around the frame, keeping them in sharp focus even when working.

Connected to the world

Connectivity is vital for sports and news photographers. The EOS R3 uses its wired LAN socket and 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi to talk to computer networks, laptops and mobile devices for fast, easy image sharing and remote camera control. The EOS R3 is also compatible with our Mobile File Transfer app, which lets pro photographers add metadata and transmit images from a smartphone, using either Wi-Fi or mobile phone data.

The EOS R3 also features a new multifunction accessory shoe that provides data communication and power for new accessories, as well as acting as a hotshoe for existing Speedlites and triggers.

Designed and built for the pros

The EOS R3 is built to withstand the demands of day-to-day professional use, and whatever life throws at you.

From dust storm to downpour, a tough, magnesium-alloy body is dust-and-water sealed to the same level as our legendary EOS-1D series cameras. Have the confidence to keep shooting whatever the conditions throw at you.


Fits right into your existing system

The EOS R3 fits right into your existing system, working alongside your other mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

It’s powered by a high-capacity LP-E19 battery – the same as you’ll find in our EOS-1DX series bodies. Your EF lenses will work exactly as they should too, thanks to a range of high-quality mount adaptors, which can also add extra functionality, like a Control Ring or drop-in filters

With its intuitive controls and ergonomic excellence, the EOS R3 is result of the three decades of evolution, constantly informed by the requirements of professional photographers. Enjoy unparalleled ergonomics, with a familiar intuitive interface.


Responsive customisable controls

The EOS R3 is a professional thoroughbred. It’s shape and form are informed by our EOS-1DX series cameras, but is smaller and lighter, incorporating the design principles of the mirrorless EOS R system for superb handling.

The camera offers a choice of controls, with both a multi-controller and smart controller falling instinctively within reach of your thumb. Three customisable dials on the camera body, plus a Lens Control ring on each RF mount lens, allow shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure compensation to be adjusted with the camera at your eye. An instant 1.6x digital teleconverter is also available at the touch of a button for extended reach – particularly useful for on-the-spot cropping with reduced need for post processing.

The EOS R3 is also equipped with a four-million-dot high-resolution Vari-Angle screen, that is clear and brilliant, even in bright conditions. It lets you compose easily from creative perspectives. Dual card slots allow image files and video footage to be written to widely available SD cards (with support for UHS-II) or super-fast, next-generation CFexpress media.


Use electronic shutter with flash

To help you balance daylightand flash even In the bright conditions, or freeze fast-moving subjects head, flash sync Is now possible when using the camera's electronic shutter - both Canon Speedlites and third-party studio flash units.




Written by Vladimir Rys

Formula One Photographer and Canon Ambassador


Canon aims to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions from its business activities by 2050

We will achieve this by delivering an average improvement of 3% per year in the lifecycle CO2 emissions improvement index per product. Which if sustained would mean roughly a 50% reduction from 2008 levels by the year 2030. We recognise this to be in line with the level of reduction called for by the Paris Agreement.

We will continue to undertake target reviews from a long-term perspective as a way of checking our contribution to the realisation of a low-carbon society.

EOS R3 Comparison

See how the EOS R3 compares to Canon's other full frame professional cameras.

Effective pixels (approx. MP)

24.1 megapixels

20.1 Megapixel

45.0 Megapixel

In-camera Image Stabilizer

Yes, up to 8-Stops advantage depending on the lens used 1


Yes, up to 8-Stops advantage depending on the lens used 1

Subject detection

Face, Eye, Animal and Vehicle


Body, Face, Eye, Animal

Low light AF

Sensitive to -7.5EV 2

Sensitive to -4EV or -6EV with Live View 2

Sensitive to -6EV 2

Continuous shooting speed (fps)

12 fps with Servo AF
30 fps with Electronic, silent shutter and Servo AF 3
195fps AF/AE fixed

20 fps with Mechanical shutter, Servo AF
20 fps with Electronic, silent shutter and Servo AF

12 fps with Servo AF
20 fps with Electronic, silent shutter and Servo AF 3


6K 12-bit RAW (RAW/RAW light) at up to 60fps
4K at up to 120 fps
Full HD at up to 240fps
Canon Log 3 / HDR PQ 10bit 4:2:2 internal
All-I / IPB / IPB light compression 10bit 4:2:2 uncompressed 4K 60p to external recorder

5.5K 12 bit RAW (RAW/RAW light) at up to 60fps.
4K at up to 60fps
Full HD up to 120fps
Canon Log 1 / Log 3 / HDR PQ [7] 10bit 4:2:2 internal
All-I / IPB compression 10bit 4:2:2 uncompressed 4K 60p to external recorder

8K at up to 30fps
4K at up to 120fps
Full HD up to 120fps
4K time-lapse mode
Canon Log 1 / Log 3 [7] / HDR PQ 10bit 4:2:2 internal recording
All-I / IPB / IPB light compression 10bit 4:2:2 uncompressed 4K 60p to external recorder
8K full frame or cropped 5k ProRes
RAW recorded externally via HDMI to
Atomos Ninja V+

Control dials

Main Dial
Quick Control Dial 1
Quick Control Dial 2
AF Multi-controller
Smart Controller
Top panel display

Main Dial
Quick Control Dial
AF Multi-controller
Smart Controller
Top panel display

Main Dial
Quick Control Dial 1
Quick Control Dial 2
AF Multi-controller
Top panel display

LCD Screen

8cm / 3.2 inch
4.15M dot LCD
Touchscreen Vari-Angle

8cm/3.15 inch
2.1M dot LCD

8cm/3.15 inch
2.1M dot LCD
Touchscreen Vari-Angle


0.5-type Electronic viewfinder
5.76-million dot OLED
23mm eyepoint / 0.76x 4 magnification Up to 120fps

Optical viewfinder
20mm eyepoint / 0.76x magnification

0.5-type Electronic viewfinder
5.76-million dot OLED
23mm eyepoint / 0.76x magnification
Up to 120fps


5 GHz /2.4 GHz and Bluetooth™
5.0 support Features supported - EOS Utility, Smartphone, Upload to image.canon, Wireless printing, Ethernet port

2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ built in
Optional 5Ghz wireless transmitter WFT-E9 accessory
Ethernet port

5 Ghz and 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth™ built in [9]
Optional wireless transmitter WFT-R10 accessory

Body weight (Including battery and memory card)

1015 g

1440 g

738 g

Card slots

1x CFexpress type B

2x CFexpress

1x CFexpress


USB charging via PD-E1


USB charging via PD-E1

Battery life

620 shots (EVF Power saving mode)
860 shots (LCD Power saving mode)

2850 shots Viewfinder shooting
610 shots Live View shooting

320 shots (EVF Power saving mode)
490 shots (LCD Power saving mode)

  1. 8 stops based on the CIPA standard with RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM at a focal length of 105mm.
  2. The lowest light AF is available with an f/1.2 lens, centre AF point, One-Shot AF, at 23°C / 73°F, ISO 100 Except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating.
  3. During servo AF, only RF lenses and some EF lenses can be used for continuous shooting at the maximum speed. For details on supported lenses, refer to Canon's official website.
    The continuous shooting speed may be reduced by the lens, shutter speed, aperture, flash, flicker reduction processing, subject conditions, and brightness (for example, when shooting in a dark place).
  4. With 50mm lens at infinity, -1m-1 dpt.
  5. Based on the CIPA Standard and using the battery supplied with the camera, except where indicated. In power saving mode.

What's In the Box

  • EOS R3 Body

  • Eyecup ER-h small

  • ER-SC1 Accessory shoe cover (Dust and water resistant)

  • Camera Cover R-F-5

  • Strap ER-L1

  • Battery Charger LC-E19

  • Battery Pack LP-E19

  • Battery Pack Cover

  • Power Cable (EU)

  • Interface Cable IFC-100U (No core)

  • Interface Cable IFC-100U protector

  • User Manual (EU1)


  • Speedlite Flash

    Speedlite EL-5

    A powerful, advanced flash with fast recycling, great creative control and outstanding performance for all situations.
  • DM-E1D
    For pure, clear digital audio, choose the Multi-function shoe directional stereo microphone DM-E1D for its reliability plus quick access to settings via a compatible camera’s LCD screen.
  • Multi-Function Shoe Adapter AD-E1
    Maintaining weather sealing, this adaptor converts Speedlites with a conventional 5-pin foot, for use on cameras with a Multi-function shoe.
  • Speedlite ST-E10
    An ultra-compact Speedlite transmitter offering advanced wireless features and control for up to 15 compatible flashguns.
  • ER-He

    Eyecup ER-hE

    A large revolving eyecup to suit left or right eye users, enabling spectacle wearers to fully enjoy eye control focusing on the EOS R3.
  • EOS R3
    Connect your smartphone via this multifunction shoe to enjoy superb integration between camera and apps for new workflow possibilities.
  • In the hands of professionals

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