Genuine Canon Consumables

Consistent quality and seamless performance with your Canon printer, with smooth colour and detailed black.
A desk with a printer, photo paper, images and ink packages around it and a board with different printed items above it.

Genuine Canon Consumables

Seamless consistency

Some things work better together. Combining your Canon printer with genuine Canon ink cartridges and photo papers ensures optimum performance and superb quality with every print.

Genuine Canon Ink, Toner & Paper

Why Genuine Consumables?

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    Print More

    Genuine Canon Ink produces on average 35% more high quality prints than imitation cartridges*.

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    More reliable prints

    Genuine Canon Ink is 100% reliable so you can print with less stress*.

  • A Canon printer and a camera on a white table with pictures spread around them. Two hands holding identical prints of a red rose.


    More consistent prints

    Genuine Canon Ink provides consistent quality prints 100% of the time*.

  • A Canon laser printer with the toner shelf open and the black toner being inserted.


    Superior print quality

    When you replace your all-in-one toner cartridge with original Canon, your machine is virtually as good as new.

Better by design

Genuine Canon ink, toner and paper are designed to work in perfect harmony with your Canon printer to ensure consistent high quality, reliable performance and excellent value with every print.
Different type of inks and photo paper standing on a shelf.

Need help finding ink?

Discover the best ink, toner or paper for your Canon printer.


Genuine printer toner works seamlessly with i-SENSYS printers for fast performance and high quality prints.

A Canon laser printer with a side of it open showing the toner cartridges.

Canon Cartridge Recycling Programme

Did you know that Canon was the first company to launch a toner cartridge recycling programme back in 1990?
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Canon’s cartridge recycling programme provides you with a free, easy and environmentally responsible way to recycle your empty Canon cartridges.


Canon is committed to a no waste to landfill policy. Each element of every returned cartridge is reused or recycled; no part of the cartridge is sent to landfill.

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How to recognise genuine inks?

Look for the hologram. A unique colour-changing Canon hologram is included on the packaging of all genuine Canon ink cartridges. The hologram appears as iridescent gold when viewed from the front, but dark iridescent green when tilted horizontally.
A paper ink packaging for cyan colour.

Paper ink packaging

Fake holograms do not change colour, or change only slightly, when viewed from different angles. They are often displayed on packaging in the wrong colour, size or in an untidy way and may also appear damaged or blurred.

Plastic ink packaging

European plastic type inkjet packaging or blister multipacks may not include the unique hologram. So look out for Canon logos that are blurred or in the wrong colour, font or size to identify counterfeit products. The packaging may also include spelling errors or look like it has been resealed, reused or tampered with.

A plastic ink packaging for black and colour FINE ink cartridges.
A paper cyan toner packaging.

Toner cartridge packaging

When buying a Canon cartridge always look out for the hologram, with its colour change technology, and the ‘Genuine’ Canon logo on the outside of the package. The phrase "for use in Canon products" does not mean it's an original Canon cartridge.


Buyers Lab Test

Read the full Buyers Lab test report to the benefits of using Canon Genuine inks (available in English only).
*Based on a 2018 Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab study commissioned by Canon comparing Canon cartridges with a set of third party cartridges.

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